How I spent My Summer Vacation- By Madhav Prasanth

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Vacations are sources of entertainment and fun. If we have worries and stress people will commonly say ‘’ Take A Vacation’’. Vacations can be in different places depending on our interest and choices. So today I am going to tell you how I enjoyed my summer vacation.  My ticket to India was on June of 16 after one long week of waiting finally the day came. We went to the airport and after 1 or 2 hours of checking and other formalities we boarded the Etihad Airways . Thankfully I had brought 2 comic magazines to entertain myself. After sometime the flight crew brought us some food. I got a sandwich, cake and lime juice. Then I played some games on the tab, and  went to sleep.

When I woke up ,the plane had landed in Kochi. We picked up our luggage, which took a long time. After some time we collected two bags out of 4. But soon we came to know that two of our bags were still in Dubai and we were told that it would arrive in 2 days. We went to our paternal grandparents house because of the long journey I immediately fall asleep.

When I woke up it was lunch time. I took some fried rice and then I went to play cricket with my cousin who was only a grade below me. After that my grandmother gave me some dry, sweet mango to eat.  I watched some TV, read some books, ate dinner, and went to sleep.

After one week I went to my maternal grandparent’s house. My Grad father had bought some delicious sweet from our nearby temple. I couldn’t play outside because it was raining. so I watched some TV and played chess and ludo with my cousin. We came back to our  Maternal Grandparents House after one week. From there we went to the Famous Hill Palace which is now an Archaeological Museum. It belonged to a Famous Ruler of Kochi named Shakthan Thampuran. We went to the nearby Zoo and fed  the deer. End of the day we  returned home.

Days passed by. We went to our cousins house who also study in the same school as mine . They also came to Kerala for vacation. We went to their house in the morning. The first thing we did was to play some games. After that we ate  lunch and watched  TV and took  chocolate and strawberry ice-cream. Along with my uncles family, we went to his second house which had a pond nearby. I played hide and seek and football with my cousins. After all that full day of enjoyment we returned to mothers house.

My cousin Aditya who was in 9th and Aditi who is in the same grade wished to  sty with us. We took the consent of their  parents and they came to stay with me. It was really fun time. Every Day was different and we went to different places. My Father took all of us to nearby temples, played games, went to our nearby paddy field ,Ice-cream parlor, movie etc. I can never forget those days. . But every good day must come to an end. After six days, it was time to say good bye. My Cousins returned home and  I was very sad. After 3 weeks it was time to return to Kuwait. My grandparents came to airport to say goodbye and  we boarded the Etihad Airways . It  was the best Vacation that happened in my life.






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