Mahatma Gandhi: A Teacher for Humanity- By Fida Ancy

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This is a 2-minute speech on the topic 'Mahatma Gandhi: A Teacher for Humanity'.

Respected Teachers and My Dear Friends,

Teacher’s day is celebrated on October 5th to celebrate all the work and effort our loving teachers put in for us. But, do you know that we have another teacher? One that lived decades ago, but still continues to teach and inspire millions of people around the globe. Any guesses?

Well, you guessed it right, guys. It’s the one and only . . . Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi was a revolutionary figure in the India Freedom Fight. He was a lawyer, an activist, and most important of all, a preacher of peace and non-violence.

Mahatma Gandhi may have left this world, but he has left his footsteps imprinted in the sands of time. His teachings continue to inspire hundreds of people. Even Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela were inspired by the great soul.

Peace and non-violence are at the forefront of Gandhi’s teachings. In the freedom fight itself, he pushed the British out with the greatest weapon of all; peace. Today, many look up to him as a great example of how even the direst problems can be solved with such an underestimated force.

Gandhiji also taught us to be simple. Although he was the leader of a great rebellion, he dressed in simple, plain and white clothes. He promoted truth and integrity and believed that honesty is the best policy.

So, if we look at the larger picture, Gandhi is certainly a leader for each and every one of us. He continues to inspire us and the Gandhian philosophy lives on. Truth and peace are the greatest strengths. I would like to impart a final message from Gandhi.

“I have always felt that the true textbook for the pupil is his teacher.”

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