letter to your friend about Life during COVID-19- By Saanvitha Reddy

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Dearest Secret Keeper,

It looks as if years since Sunday morning. so much has happened it’s as if the whole world suddenly turned the other way up. But you'll be able to notice, I’m still alive in 2020… the worst year since I took birth. you most likely don’t understand a word today, so I will begin by telling you what happened on Sunday afternoon.

At three o’clock, we were watching the news and then came this dreadful update saying ‘Virus’. The same night, it was revealed that a virus has spread. I was stunned. Next, we received call-up, saying that this deadly virus has made livelihood tougher than you'll be able to ever expect.

There isn’t any option, if it’s there, pain or isolation. Isolation… how? Quarantine? When to India? Are we going to be here (Kuwait)? What’s going on …? They kept running through my mind.

So here we are… after some months of quarantine. My mind is rambling with the thought of those countless children, adults and aged people are having a dreadful fate after being tormented by virus. Night-over-night doctors and nurses try their best to annihilate the virus similarly controlling their longing affection for reuniting with their families. Besides there are numerous people suffering not because they're suffering from the virus rather than the livelihood during this cruel period.

Last night, I dreamed about one in all my friends. I saw her there, dressed in white leather, her face thin and worn. She checked out me with such grief in her enormous eyes that I could hold back my feelings. If just she was really there, I could would have stretched my arms for a hug, for us to unleash our pains… but she wasn’t there. What’s the difference between us? Why are we now up to now apart? The virus has made many leave the country permanently. Oh dear, I hope if this era ends, we'd be ready to meet. I’ve got to stop marveling on this. It won’t get me anywhere then the sensation of loneliness and longing. I will be able to always remember her and always pray for her.

The weather is cool, calm and pleasant. It makes me stay here forever. What’s stepping into my life …? Let me pen down, days are passing by, everyday there some or more cremated. every day there one or more crying. I’m here just waiting for it to pass and praying that we be safe. Yet every night, my mind goes to those that left the world, those families who lost their kith and kin. I solely cannot do anything than wait, for those superheroes to kill the virus. And this can be my life and it keeps on enduring.

Yours, dearest friend

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