The lion that never smiles- by Ayman Muhammed

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Oh!! look at that thin and tuft tail, wow those paws… they look honed,look at those eyes they look fearsome, that is a handsome mane but he doesn’t have a smile in his face. He is none other than Nevsmile, the lion who is the prince of Hornand forest. He used to smiled in his childhood till he was 4 years old, however  he never smiled after that. His father king Gordan was a successful ruler. He ruled for 12 years until he was murdered by a pack of wolves when he went for hunting near Surnan  river. After his death his son Nevsimle took over the throne. He was too young at that time. He was crowned as king in the capital city of Porto Leon. He was an able ruler like his father. He never smiled at his ministers, generals and even to his own mother, So they named him Nevsmile means never smile.

 One day a group of hunters came to the forest for hunting. The animals were terrified and hid in their houses. The animals went to Nevsmile and ask him to send a pride of lion soldiers to scare them away. But Nevsmile said “we don’t need to send the lion soldiers, I have an idea” He whispered into the animals ears and said his idea. The animals were fascinated and mesmerized. They went to the other animals of the forest and told them the plan; they called all the large and ferocious animals and told them to hide in the bushes and wait until all the hunters get together.

In that way they could attack all of them together and if that plan didn’t work then  the small animals could go and remove all the bullets from the hunter’s gun and then the large animals could attack them and scare them away. The animals decided to choose the second option. As planned everything went well except for removing the bullets from their guns….Chinu the mouse got captured while removing the bullets. Then the ferocious animals crouched on the hunters and scared them away. Then they went to Nevsmile and thanked him for his idea and congratulated him.

 Even though he was congratulated,  he didn’t smile. They told him the sad news about Chinu. Nevsmile was sad at hearing that. He made a plan to save Chinu mouse. The next day when the hunters came, he called all the small animals like squirrels, rats, rabbits and moles. He told the rats, rabbits, moles and squirrels to get in the truck that the hunters bought and hide in it. Then when they reach the camp where they had camped yesterday, the rabbits could distract the hunters. Then the squirrels and rats could go and free Chinu mouse. Then the moles and rats could make holes and everyone could jump into the hole. Everything went well and Chinu mouse thanked Nevsmile for his help. Even in that occasion he didn’t have a small grin.

 Years passed and Nevsmile became too old and got sick, then laying on a bark of a tree he gathered his memories. With a big sigh he realized that his days  are numbered and he has no more day to laugh or enjoy with his family .He could not control his emotion and tears roll down from his eyes. The dew drops fell in his eyes, the breeze swayed his tail, the sunshine gleamed on his body and the whispers and sounds made his ears tickle. Then slowly his soul flited above and reached the heaven. A smile is a language of kindness. ‘Use your smile to change the world. Don’t let the world change your smile.

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