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Born in the 19th century in Rameshwaram , Madras , APJ Abdul Kalam was one of the most influential persons who shaped the course of our motherland. He was an Indian scientist, politician, author, professor and engineer. His birthday is on 15th October 1931 and is also marked as ' world students' day '. He was born to a Tamil Muslim family and had a humble beginning. During his school days, he was only an average student. However, He was a sincere student who had a strong aspiration to learn. He went to St. Joseph College and graduated in physics .

In the year 1955, he went to study aerospace engineering in Madras. In 1958, he joined the defence research and development organisation ( DRDO). In 1960 , he worked with the (INCOSPAR). In 1969, he was the project director of SLV - III which was a success. He is nicknamed as the 'Missile man of India'. In 1992, he was selected as the scientific advisor to the defence minister. In 1999, he was selected as the principal scientific advisor to the government of India.

On 25th July 2002, Abdul Kalam was appointed as the president of India. He was also known as people's president. Besides being one of the most popular president of India, he was a visionary who revolutionized the way science influenced society. He could impart both his academic expertise and revolutionary dreams in an appealing way to the common man of India. He always cherished big dreams and asked the young Indians to follow his model. This means nothing sort of envisaging a bigger India in both in capacity and impact.

His tenure as president ended on 25th July 2007. On 29th July 2015, while he was giving a talk at Shilong he fell down due to a sudden heart attack. Then he was moved into the Bethany hospital and died there because of cardiac arrest. He was the man who had a vision for our India.

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