Sheroes – Female heroes- By Saanvitha Reddy

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Girls  always faced the heat of civilization almost everywhere. As the society started to become male dominated the conditions of girls and also the society started to deteriorate. After long the world started to realize the mistake and many efforts from round the world were made to get the wheels rolling for saving girl child and making this a better place for them to live. Yet there are cases where mortals don't prefer a girl. When you educate a girl, you educate the whole nation.

She dug her way

Out of the judgmental society

She wore her hopes

Like a crown,

An outspoken monolog

Of dreams,

She lost herself within the trees

Among the ever-changing leaves,

She wept beneath the wild sky

As stars reminded her dreams

The flower grows to the light

The river sang her name at night,

She couldn't live a standard life,

Until her dreams go true

She makes the world bright,

But struggles to see the light


The staining darkness

Have lazed too long

Shoulders falling down like teardrops,

Facedown in ignorance


Some say, she may be a weaker gender,

Some say, she is meant to do the chorus

Some say, she shouldn't be educated,

But not all say she is supposed to rise,

Not all say she is supposed to be a warrior…

Not all say she is a blessing in disguise,

Just because, she is a girl.

Save girl child




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