Global Warming and Burning of Fuels- By Ardra Binoth

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Fossil fuels are substances that are formed from dead remains of organisms. These fuels create a carbon-rich deposits which are extracted and used for producing energy. Although they are non- renewable substances, they are being used worldwide. They are used to make plastic, steel, and a huge range of products.

When these fossil fuels are burned, they release a lot of carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases have far-ranging environmental and health effects. Fuels used in factories are mixed with harmful chemicals which when burned it releases a lot of poisonous fumes into the atmosphere. When it rains, these gases get mixed up with the rain water and cause acid rain. They can damage the ancient monuments and articles.

These harmful gases when released into the atmosphere cause climate change by trapping heat, which eventually leads to global warming. Global warming is the phenomena where atmospheric temperature gradually increase. This can melt the glaciers in the polar region which give rise to the sea level causing floods in the coastal areas. The low lying coastal areas may even be permanently submerged under water.

To reduce this, we must stop deforestation. Cutting trees is another reason for rise in temperature. Trees help in balancing the nature and conversion of gases, and without trees, these processes are not possible.

Smoke produced from vehicles and factories contains carbon monoxide. These cause asthma and other lung diseases. For this, we can use CNG as fuels in vehicles because it is a cleaner and less polluting fuel.

The Kyoto Protocol is aimed at stabilizing greenhouse gas concentration to prevent a “dangerous anthropogenic interference.”  As of November 2009, 187 states had signed and ratified the protocol.

Instead of burning down the plastic waste and polluting the air, we can follow the 5R principle (reduce, reuse, recover, refuse and recycle).This way we can reduce global warming as well as save environment

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