A Movie Review- By Malavika Vinod

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Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Plato

Can you imagine yourself being bullied? Would you feel bad? Have you ever bullied someone? And have you ever thought of the situation that he/she might have been in? Yes friends, it would have been horrible.

Recently I watched a movie called WONDER, directed by Stephen Chbosky. It is based on a novel by R.J.Palacio. The main character was played by Jacob Tremblay as a 10 year old boy named August Pullman, nicknamed as Auggie. He was born with a disorder which caused his face to be scared and rough with full of scars. He was home schooled till the fifth grade and as soon as he turned 10, parents admitted him to a nearby mainstream school. Everything was right at the beginning. The school was good, principal was kind, but everyone in his class thought that Auggie is weird.

During his first day to school, he got an enemy in his class called Julian Albans. Julian had a group of friends too, which made the things very worse. For a few days that rude gang walked around the corridors, teasing Auggie and calling him bad/funny names. But one boy named Jack Will, made friendship with Auggie and stood up for him against Julian and team. Auggie had a nice class teacher, Mr. Browne, who was really supportive and caring.

At school his favorite teacher was his science teacher and he also had a special interest in science. He proved that by participating and winning prize in the science exhibition along with Jack. It is incredibly inspiring to see how he tried to overcome each and every situation without being violent. Every incident gives us a big lesson which we should try to apply in our life.

At the end of the movie Auggie was awarded a trophy for the best student not only in academics but also for having a good character and a tolerating and understanding mind. So friends the lesson is that Never make fun of someone, as they don’t look good. But, it actually means that the mind is precious inside, gleaming like a jewel waiting to be discovered. So when given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind!

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