After Covid 19 – By Sanvitha Reddy

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Dearest Secret keeper,

If you were to read all my letters, you’d be struck by the fact that they were written in different moods. It annoys me to be so dependent on the moods here in lockdown, but the subject is: when will it end?

It has been a couple of days until my mind wedged the thought, what is going to happen after this? After covid 19? After this whole pandemic, huh? At times, not even the greatest people have an answer to this question but one thing is believable that the world is not going to be the same. Since the pandemic has begun, millions of people lost their life moreover many also experienced dreadful nights. The question is… will it ever end? I simply can’t imagine the world will ever be normal again for us and all. I do talk about ‘after the pandemic,’ but when will that arrive.

The world is no longer what it used to be, days passed, people went and came, life is tough. We don’t really know how to react, maybe we should just be calm and wait. Up to now, very little news had reached us about the vaccine though the reached news say we got to wait for another few months or a year. No matter what I am doing, I can’t help thinking about those who are gone. I catch myself having fun and remember about the disgrace fallen apart on the world.

I say others to be optimistic but somehow I don’t be what I say. After covid 19, a new era will begin but the previous one is going to be hurtful, nevertheless grateful that it passed. After covid 19, humans will learn the value of every single moment. When it’s all said and done, heaps of things will happen. I am ready for it and so should you be.

Yours, dearest friend

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