Aroma of victory – By Ayman Muhammed

  • Contributed by : AYMAN MUHAMMED
  • Status : student
  • Class : 5
  • Age : 10
  • Mode : Simple
  • Article type : Poetry
  • Target Age Group : 6-10 Years

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The lights are sparkling
The fireworks are going boom!!..
The sky is darkling
And the diyas are lit up in rooms.

The aroma of victory over the evil,
Still exists unto this day.
Whatever, large devil
Could not change the way they pray.

The preparations sound loud,
With being calm and peace.
The diyas are in the crowd
As they are up to increase.

Kids play about the decorations,
With so much elation.
The table was full of sweets
And as they were about to eat.

Bang bang the fireworks rose,
High above the sky.
And look it is so bright
It is the festival of light Diwali.!!

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