Dad’s Birthday- By Abhirami Harish

  • Contributed by : Abhirami harish
  • Status : Minor (Author)
  • Class : 4th Grade
  • School : Al Falah Delhi Public School Jeddah
  • Age : 9
  • Mode : Simple
  • Article type : Story
  • Target Age Group : 6-10 Years

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A story for small children - The story is about two puppies planning a birthday party for their dad.

One fine morning, Bob the dog woke up from bed. He was cheerful. He did his morning routines and ate breakfast. In the evening, when he was playing in his tab, he was really surprised. It was his dad’s birthday and he had forgotten! He had to think of something to give him! He took his little sister, who is good in keeping secrets. He put the plan in four parts: gift, cake, a card, and decoration. “First, the gift.” Bob said. “Well, it has to be memorable.”, his sister Poppy said.

“That just gave me an idea! Let’s make an album of all the memories we have with him!” Bob shouted excitedly. “Wow Bob, you are so smart!” Poppy praised. “Now the cake.” Bob said with a sigh. “What is the problem Bob?” said Poppy, looking concerned. “The problem is that dad went to work, so he took the car. So, we cannot go out to buy a cake. Even if the car was here, we cannot go as dad would know we are going to buy a cake and mum does not know how to drive.” Bob said sadly. “Mum can bake a cake, Bob!” Poppy exclaimed happily.

“Yes indeed! How intelligent of you Poppy!” Bob told his younger sister with a hug. They told their mother about the plan and requested her to bake a cake. “Ok kids, but are you going to help me?” mum asked. “Sure mum!” they said at the same time. Their mother gave them both a job. Bob should bring everything his mother asks and Poppy should mix the batter. An hour passed. Bob and Poppy’s dad is going to come in an hour. “Hmm…. What are the last things to do, Bob?” Poppy asked her big brother.

“We have to make a card. Why not we make a drawing of him?” Bob replied. “That is a great idea! And then we must decorate, so mum can do that!” Poppy replied. They were going to request their mother to decorate the living room. But to their surprise, their mother had already decorated the house! They asked how she knew that she had to decorate the house. She replied that she knew it because everyone decorates the house when it is someone’s birthday.

A few minutes later, their car’s sound was heard. “Dad is coming!” Poppy shrieked. When he was coming, the two siblings asked their mother if she could blindfold their father, so he won’t see. So, she did. He could not see anything and asked, “What is going on here?”. “You will see dad.” Bob said. Then, they let him see. Their dad was so happy! They showed the cake. After cutting the cake, Bob and Poppy gave the present. Their dad opened the album. There were photos of many memories the family had with him. He was so happy that tears came from his eyes, because of happiness. He said, “This is the best birthday I ever had!” and hugged his family.

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