The Dawn of the Superheroes- By Tia Rachel Geoege

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A fictional story that revolves around Superheroes and how they enable Earthlings to realize their true inner strength.

As dawn broke in the solemn valley of Jomberlake, all of a sudden there was a blinding flash of light. As the light cleared away, the sight the Earthlings saw before them, left their jaws touching the floor.

Behold, right in front of them were each and every superhero they had seen and read from movies, storybooks and for some, even dreams. There was Ironman, Superman, Spiderman, Spectre…. you name it.

The youth were awed and excited. However, the elderly started to shift uneasily. Huh! Surprising as it may sound, it wasn’t because of the superheroes arrival. No! That was a common occurrence here. The reason was that the last time they all flew in from their respective galaxies almost half a century back was to choose a leader amongst themselves- to rule the weaker planet of the universe. But it hadn’t gone so well for the mere mortals. There was so much bloodshed as the heroes tried to prove their worth and power. Unfortunately, by the looks of it, seems like they have come back for the same reason yet again.

It started with Thor saying in a thundering voice, “I have superhuman speed, agility and superfast reflexes. Thus, I can deflect all the bullets and every problem of this universe with my hammer.” Batman immediately pitched in saying, “I have been around for longer time to judge wisely by righteousness and truth. I am a fearless martial artist too.” Wonderwoman got up and said, “I have the royal blood fit for a leader, ultimate strength of a warrior and extreme durability due to my healing power.”

They took their turn boasting and bragging about themselves. At the end, their current leader Shazam stood up. Sure enough, the sky lit up with thunder and lightning and the Earth rumbled. He had a say above them all and his voice echoed, “United we stand, together we thrive. We must not fight amongst ourselves. We must understand that being a superhero is not all about being able to fly, breath underwater or being immortal. All these years, we have been around to support Humanity on Earth as they seemed week. But the time has arrived for them to realise their true inner strength.”

“Thor, you need to understand Saina Nehwal or P.V. Sindhu can deflect bullets as fast and strategically as you can. Wonder woman, do you realise Usain Bolt can run as fast as you can and no doubt even defeat you. And Batman, surely Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand can think as valiantly and vividly as you. So you see my friends, each and everyone on this special planet Earth has a hidden trait of superheroism in them. But the only thing that holds them back is FEAR.”

“My dear fellow Earthlings, you must be able to brave what you most fear and that is what makes you a true superhero. There is a gem in each one of us, we need to let our inner beauty shine. There is a superhero in each one of you, you do not need us anymore. But off course, we are not parting ways, each of us are just a call away. And on that note, they all faded away.”

We were left staring at the setting Sun on the Horizon. Undoubtedly, in every mind big and small there was only one thought- the realisation of our true inner strength. It was the dawn of the Superheroes.

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