Happiness- By Ann Tony

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“ When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us. “

Have you ever heard of this meaningful quote? Well, this is a quote by Helen Keller which talks about happiness. Helen Keller was blind and deaf but she was a happy person in life. Happiness can not be touched or seen but can only be felt. We come across people everywhere who look happy, but in reality, they might not be happy; deep inside they might be crying. One main reason for sadness is money: either the lack of it or excess of it. Money can be earned but it can be lost as well. Money can buy us a life of extravagance but certainly not happiness. If money indeed could buy us happiness the richest person would have been the happiest person as well. But that is not so. Even the filthily rich aren't insulated from the ups and downs and rollercoaster rides that emotions can bring about in life. Now let me give you an example.

The film ‘ Angels in the snow ‘ which was released in 2015 underlines the fact that money can't buy happiness. The film revolves around a family which consists of a man, woman and their three children. The father is a businessman and the mother is a housewife. They are very rich but they enjoy no peace of mind. They do not spend time together to have dinner let alone meaningful conversations. Every day they quarrel among themselves. There is no peace and harmony. However during the Christmas season the family, upon the insistence of the father, moves to another house for a few days stay. Initially, everyone seems to be happy about it. But their happiness does not last for long as the father gets very busy with long- phone calls from his office and so on. But before matters take a turn for the worst a miracle happens. One night the family is awakened by a series of knocks on the door. As they open the door they find a family which comprises of a father, mother and two children. They ask if the family can let them live there for a few days as they have nowhere else to go. The family lets them in. The guests stay with the family for a few days and during the stay show them how a good family should be by leading an exemplary life. Their edifying life makes a big impact on the family. After a few days, the guests say goodbye to them and leave. However, the family decides to follow them. And soon they come across a crowd gathered around a few dead bodies. They painfully realize that the dead bodies are their beloved guests'. They, with excruciating sorrow, tell the crowd about the beautiful family which is no more. The youngest daughter, who has been listening to all of this, steps forward and says that they are the Snow Angels. She adds that whenever her parents used to quarrel she used to pray to God to send His angels to their family to make things straight. The parents realize their mistakes and promise each other that they will never quarrel again.

In this story, the family was rich but was not happy. There was no peace and it took them so long to realize their mistakes and make amends. People who have a lot of money but are not happy should think deeply about their own lives and rethink their priorities. They should ask themselves if their lives are blessed with good friends and relatives or if their lives are all about making money. A greedy mind can never experience peace and happiness. So to experience happiness and peace, we need to avoid negative thoughts and greed for excessive wealth. "Think positive, act positive and look positive". To be happy and to keep everyone around us happy should be our goal.

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