How i spent my time in Lockdown- By Jia Vasant

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It Was Early March When I Was Preparing For My Final Exams. One Evening We Heard The News That Kuwait Would Be Locked Down Due To The Covid 19 Pandemic And Our School Would Remain Closed Until Further Notice. My Final Exams Got Cancelled And Like Any Other Child Of My Age I Bounced With Happiness! In The Coming Days I Could Sleep Longer, Watch Movies, Play Video Games And Do Whatever I Wished To And Whenever I Liked. But As The Days Passed, I Started Missing My School, My Friends, My Teachers, My Outdoor Play Activities And The Outings With My Family. I Missed My Old Life! But Soon I Realized That I Needed To Accept The Situation And Instead Of Complaining I Should Make The Best Possible Use Of The Time I Had.

I’ve Always Been Curious To Know How My Mother Transforms Simple Ingredients Into Mouthwatering Delicacies. I Started Spending More Time In The Kitchen Observing My Mother Skillfully Balancing The Nutrition, Taste, Appearance And Aroma Of The Foods She Cooked.I Learnt To Cook The Basic Dishes That Usually Constitute A Typical Indian Thali-Chapati, Curried Vegetable, Lentils And Rice. The Hardest Challenge Was To Make A Perfect Round Chapati And After Several Days Of Trial And Error I Did Succeed In Making An Almost Round If Not A Perfect Round Chapati.I Also Discovered A Secret Ingredient That Made My Mother’s Food So Special-Her Love. This Is The Reason Why Our Mother’s Food Holds A Special Place In Our Hearts All Through Our Lives And No Five Star Restaurant In The World Can Replace It!

I Enjoy Playing Video Games On My Tablet And Often Wonder How These Gaming Apps Are Created. When I Browsed Through The Internet To Gain More Information About It, I Learnt Something Very Interesting. These Games Are Created Using Codes And The Happy News Was That I Could Take Up The Coding Course Online. I Managed To Convince My Parents To Enroll Me For The Course. Its Fascinating How Simple Strange Looking Codes Can Make Versatile Apps And Very Soon I Will Be Developing My Own Gaming App

Moreover, I Ensured That I Kept Pace With My Studies, Submitted My Class Assignments On Time, Actively Participated In Curricular And Extra Curricular Activities And Excelled In All My Class Tests As Well.

When The Entire World Is Going Through A Difficult Time, I Am No Exception. When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade. Similarly Taking Up This Situation As A Challenge Has Helped Me To Stay Positive And Bring Out The Best In Me.

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