The Builders of India: By Ayman Muhammed

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Born from an atom of nature.
With it’s green hills rolling up and down,
With the valleys of green and brown.
With the smile of joy and love.

With nature crowned as the queen,
With the tea gardens bright green.
And the sky bright blue,
Like the air filled with dew.

With lakes, rivers, and forests,
I did say that my country is the best
At any test.
As we stand united as one,
As our hearts are as big as the sun.

The waterfalls with flickering drops,
The growth of farmer’s crops,
Are one of the wonders of our country.
With the farmers as the backbone,

There shall be no fear.
But as they protest on the streets,
We to shall be fair to them,
As they are the ones who fed us.
And nothing can make them sad,

More than ignoring them.
If I were a farmer I did be proud,
As my fellow Indian brothers and sisters,
Would cheer me up.

So let us cheer out,
For the real builders of our country.


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