A tribute to our great Freedom Fighters- By Ardra Binoth Lonen.

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“The secret of happiness is freedom and the secret of freedom is courage”

Loyalty, is a quality of being faithful to someone or something else. An epitome for loyalty, is our great ancestors, our freedom fighters. They are the individuals, who selflessly sacrificed their lives for the betterment of their country. Each of them, with adept qualities, moved heaven and earth to bring harmony to our country.

They had a sedulous personality and never gave up. They took every single bite at the cherry to fight back. Neither did they have any training or practice nor did they try to parry any obstacles that came in their way. Fighting and rebelling for freedom was not just a walk in the park, great leaders like mahatma Gandhi, Subhas Chandra Bose, Rani Laxmibai, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Sarojini Naidu and many more have worked all day and burned the midnight oil to show their dedication to our motherland.

It was at the prime of their lives when they took offense at the delinquent act that was expressed towards them. Freedom fighters are said to be the propelling force behind the success of India’s freedom struggle. To an ordinary person, sacrificing his life is a huge deal, but to our wonderful leaders, it meant selflessly making unimaginable sacrifices for the country without thinking about any consequences.

What our freedom fighters have done for us cannot be put into words. They are the reason why we today live in peace and harmony.  They may no longer be in this world anymore, but they’ll forever be within us and we honor them for their forbearance and self-sacrifices. Together we salute them.

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