A danseuse with a dream- by Ardra Binoth Lonen

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Every person in the world has a dream. Annabelle was an ordinary teenager who had a desire to become a professional dancer. Let us see how she became an adept danseuse from a discouraged childhood.

When Annabelle was five years old, she was inspired by a young ballet dancer, while watching her favorite programme on television. Each day she would watch the young danseuse and tries to follow her footsteps by teaching herself ballet. Thinking that it was just a little girl who was lost in her thoughts and imagination, Annabelle’s parents never encouraged her to be a dancer. They always wanted their child to be successful in her studies.

As she grew, Annabelle got an opportunity to join a dance academy via her school. She begged her parents to let her join but she couldn’t as her parents wanted her to focus on her studies because they knew that her passion for dancing had turned her into an underachiever. Annabelle’s school teachers were the only ones who were aware of her talents. They wanted Annabelle to take that bite at the cherry and achieve her dreams. But the only thing required was her parents’ support.

Annabelle’s teacher tried their best to teach her everything she needed to know to ace in her subjects, but Anna couldn’t cooperate. One day, one of Anna’s teacher, told her a story about a young boy named Jacob, who too, was discouraged by everyone around him, but didn’t lose his hope and still tried until he succeeded. Her teacher started narrating, “Jacob once wanted to be an actor. Everyone around him, used to tease and used to tell him to focus on his academics. But he didn’t give up so easily.

He utilized all his free times to learn acting and sought help from his teachers to master his academics. As time passed by, he got many opportunities to act in several TV shows, but his family and friends all were disappointed as they wanted him to be a rich businessman. Despite knowing about all the adversity and consequences, Jacob he still went to pursue his dreams. With years of struggles and hard-work, Jacob finally fulfilled his wish by becoming a world known actor. He had finally proved them wrong, the ones who wronged him.”

Annabelle, on hearing this, took it as a motivation. From there on, Annabelle worked hard to study and burned the midnight oil the to prove her mettle towards her parents. With a matter of time, Annabelle excelled in her academics and graduated as the dominant student of her school.

Her proud parents finally approved and supported her. By the age of eighteen, Annabelle joined a ballet academy, she learned the ropes and stated teaching young children to dance. Later on, she began receiving golden opportunities to perform in several concerts and gigs. She has now finally achieved her dreams and fulfilled her wishes.

Moral of the story: No matter what your goal is, even if you fail uncountable times, never stop believing in yourself.

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