Touchdown- By Malavika Vinod

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Sporting a bindi and speaking behind the mask she exclaimed, “Touchdown Confirmed!

I’ve been curious towards our neighboring planet Mars, since class 1. It is always interesting to learn about the ridges and holes of the Red planet. NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover landed successfully on Feb 18, 2021. I was eagerly looking out for the live stream and wanted to know about the magical hands behind this amazing accomplishment. The first name I noticed was Dr. Swati Mohan, an Indian American aerospace engineer. She was the Guidance and Control Operations Lead on the Mars 2020 mission.

When I read about her I learnt many inspiring facts which enthralled a 9 year old like me. She mentioned in an interview that she became interested in space by seeing the episodes of Star Trek at the age of 9. But she had decided to become a pediatrician, and her life took a turn with the arrival of an amazing physics teacher at the age of 16. Then she decided to go for engineering so that she could pursue space exploration. “I have been on Perseverance longer than my younger daughter is alive” she says. As her colleagues waited with bated breath, Dr. Mohan, sporting a bindi and speaking behind the mask, exclaimed: TOUCHDOWN CONFIRMED! Perseverance is safely on the surface of Mars and ready to begin seeking the signs of past life”. Her voice welcomed a roaring applause from mission control at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

"Perseverance, it is a strong word, as it says it’s about making progress despite obstacles. Yes, the most advanced robot ever sent to Mars has landed successfully. It began its hunt for the signs of ancient life. Dr. Mohan will always be an inspiration to me as she was one among the few great personalities who took a great step for humankind on the ladder of success.

Inspiration comes from everywhere. The way we think and feel about ourselves, including our beliefs and expectations about what is possible for us, determines everything that happens to us. So let us be inspired and strive hard to attain success.

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  1. Malutty, keep it up the way you are observing the minute details of the things that inspires you, dear☺️