leadership- By Nadia Mustaq

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Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and all my dear friends, a very Good Morning to one and all. Today I am here to talk on the topic ‘Leadership’.

When we think about leadership, we may find many amazing characters of leaders popping into our minds. Well for me it is our dear BAPU JI, The Father of Our Nation: Mahatma Gandhi. The true essence of leadership can be extracted from his life. His struggles, how he shared his victory with others etc.

It is not easy to become an honest, wise and loyal leader. We must work hard to become a successful leader. We should also always remember that when we become a leader eventually, we become a role model for the others, so we have to make sure that we show the right attitude and become a humble and righteous person.

Even when your teacher asks you to take up the leader’s post of your class, that too is a huge responsibility. We must not be bossy and show off. We should always help and be kind to others. Now I would like to list some characteristics that a leader should have:

  • Kindness

  • Honesty

  • Patience

  • Responsible

Well these are only some of the qualities……there are innumerable qualities that one should have to become a successful and righteous leader.

If the leader chooses the wrong path then the subjects choose the same, so we have to be very careful while taking decisions. A leader should always have a helping hand.

I too had the chance of becoming a leader. I was elected as the junior president of my school the year before. It was a golden opportunity for me to learn and become a good leader. I had my teachers, parents and all my elders to guide me. So before becoming a leader we need to have a good guidance. It was then that I understood that there were many children who were facing problems to cope up with middle school. I was really happy to help them. One such girl that I helped was Sanjana my classmate. She was new to our school and had problem in adjusting with new teachers, friends, methods of studying etc. I was more than happy to help.

Friends all I would like to say is, it is not easy to become a leader we may come across many obstacles, but we should face them with courage and try to inspire and motivate others.

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