Benevolence: the need of the hour- By Ardra Binoth

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Benevolence, it means helping others physically, mentally and economically without any self-regard. Benevolence is an act or gift which we can express with no end.

St. Mother Teresa is an example of a person who had feelings of benevolence. She dedicated her life to caring for the impoverished and to the people who were dying in slums of Calcutta (Kolkata).

But sadly, unlike St. Teresa, not all people are kind and compassionate. Benevolence is a very rare quality of the human heart. If we want to see the world living in peace and harmony, we must start showing humanity.

By helping the needy and donating many items to the charity would be a great start to spread compassion. Building shelter or giving care to the stray and sick animals is another way to spread this feeling of benevolence. With these actions, we are not just helping, but also gaining new friends.

Visiting the old age home every once in a while and spending time with the aged ones would bring them cheer and immense joy. This is one of the best ways to spread love and humanity.

These are many more ways to spread this feeling of benevolence, such as

  • Helping young orphans educate.

  • Helping an old person cross a busy road.

  • Helping our parents, friends and neighbors.

  • Helping the physically and mentally challenged people.

By practicing such wonderful ways, we can change the world, and at the end, we will surely be proud of our selfless act.

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