The Portal- By Huda Shaikh

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“This Sunday is perfect for a picnic!” thought little John. “Mummy, Daddy, let’s go for a picnic” insisted John. “Picnic?” asked father. “Yes daddy, I really want to go” said John. “Maybe, we should go. It’s indeed a beautiful day” said mother. “Okay, if you both really want to” agreed father. “I’ll pack sandwiches and juice” announced mother.

The picnic was beside the Delphic Brook. John came running towards the river in enthusiasm.

“Mummy I want to go play!” demanded little John.

“Have your sandwiches first.” answered mother. John agreed and had the sandwiches, after that, he stood up and started running here and there. While John’s parents were relaxing on the lush green grass, John entered a forest, nearby. He was pleasantly walking and exploring the forest when suddenly, he tripped and fell down. After regaining his control, he looked up to see that the stone he tripped on opened a secret portal among the grass.

John, being a daring boy, peeped into the portal. The portal seemed to be magical. It consisted of the colors of the galaxy; blue, black, purple and pink. He, hesitantly, put his hand inside and ultimately, he entered it. This portal gave way till an enchanted cave. This cave was large; John could also see himself on the walls, as if the cave was made of mirror, rather

Diamonds! When John was looking around, he sighted a flat stone glowing. He stepped forward to looking what it was, it was a magnificent ring. John, in awe, held it and cleaned the dust on it. As soon as he did this, WHOOSH! A genie appeared.

The Genie was gigantic, indigo in color. Its face was as stone, it had no expressions.

The Genie announced, “I’M AT YOUR SERVICE. YOU CAN WISH FOR ANY THREE THINGS.” John couldn’t believe his eyes. A Genie was standing in front of him. In shock he asked, “Any three things?” “Yes any three things”, the Genie answered. John immediately started thinking of all the things he ever wanted, but then, he said, “Mummy and daddy must be waiting for me. I think it would be better for me to return.” cautiously said John. “Do not worry kid, the moment you entered this cave, time had stopped.” proclaimed the Genie. “Wow! Just like in the movies!” smiled John. “So what’s your first wish?” asked the Genie. “I’ve always heard of a beautiful palace called Taj Mahal, and since always, I wanted to stay there for a day.”


As soon as he heard this, he found himself in Taj Mahal. He was overjoyed; he lived there like a king for a whole day. After the day finished, he returned back to the cave. “You have two more wishes.” “Wow, Taj Mahal was prettier than I thought. Okay, so my second wish is to have the largest candy.” commanded John.


A large and tempting candy appeared in front of him. John delightedly ran towards it as he loved candies!

“The other wish?”

“My last wish is the most important and very valuable. My dream is to have the PS4!”


Then, right in front of his eyes, appeared a PS4. John impatiently went to grab it.

Just before he held it, a voice echoed in the cave, “JOHN, WAKE UP!”

This voice sounded like his mother. John started feeling a force pulling him, and he fainted. When he regained consciousness, he found himself in his bedroom lying on his bed. In front of him, his mother was standing. “John, dear, are you okay? Are you feeling sick? We found you lying on the ground in the jungle.” mother, as concerned, asked.

“It was all just a dream, the best dream I ever had, except that we actually went for the picnic. Maybe I tripped and fell unconscious there. ” thought John.

“Come on now, dinner is ready.” continued mother. John, sadly, was looking here and there in the room when he saw a box. He got off the bed and picked it up, it was a PS4!

“Mummyyy!” called John.

“Yes dear, what happened?”

“Where did this PS4 come from?”

“Well, it was in your hands when we found you. So, we thought to bring it home.”“What, with me? Was the Genie a dream or a reality?” thought little John.



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