The golden sword of Xi Shan – by Ayman Muhammed

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It is an imaginary story about a kind king who gets killed by his ministers and a boy called Li Sung finds the legendary golden sword and becomes the king.

In the Yangtze River valley lies the kingdom of Hublai . The walls of the city were made of silvery blocks. The strong knights of valor and courage was always ready to defend the city with their own lives. The fantastic castle of Shunji, with gardens, lagoons, museums and cemeteries of kings and queens. Oh!! What a wonderful place .The greenery of the land is just so hard to show. With trees and flowers every nook and corner, there are so many varieties, ranging from dahlias and Chrysanthemums to jasmines and hollyhocks. The humble souls of the people living a simple life and greeting each other with a bow and then shaking hands. Yes we are in China.

In the tall Hayoshigi palace the rays of the sun fills the room with brightness. The birds chirping with delight, oh, what a sweet voice!!. An apple falling down from a tree in the royal garden. A squirrel looking for a corn to cuddle and eat. And in the palace on the throne made of ivory, sits the great, kind and brave king, Xi Shan, with his crown made of gold ,his rings made of platinum. And in his scabbard lies the golden sword with handle of the sword made of gold the blade made of silver, it shone as bright as the sun.

The king Xi shan summons the ministers. And he asked “how is the kingdom, is everything alight?”
The ministers were evil and had known about the good situation .
Suddenly a minister said, “Oh Lord ,a strange man came to me and gave this queer paper.”
Showing him a paper, he read it out loudly; “ I am a citizen of your kingdom. I am ungratified with your rule, thereby I would like to meet you and talk with you. So please come when midnight falls near the Shu Khan temple.”
After hearing that he patiently lifted the crown and gave it to the chief minister and said “look after the kingdom, in my absence.”

When night fell, the king hid the chest box with the golden sword behind a waterfall in the woods near the Shu Khan temple. Then he went to the place where the man told him that he would meet him. There was nobody; just an owl hooting, a small rat munching some cheese in its hole and a bat hanging upside down having a loud and soundful sleep.
Then he called out loudly, “who wants to talk with me come out I am ready!”
Suddenly a bush moved. The king said, “Are you afraid of me??? Come out fast or else I will come there.”
Promptly, with a yell sprang in 3 ministers all with a sharp sword. The king took out his sword fought like a lion. One against three!!! With blood slithering through his wrist. He fought until!!! Kapow… kapow. The chief minister bounded from behind and had killed the king.

Silence!! The owl stopped hooting, the rat stopped munching and the bat woke up. Only, the wind blowing….. And there lies the body of great king Xi Shan…. assacinated by his own ministers and chief minister. They buried the king.
The next day the people heard about the slain king and sadness filled the minds of the people with gloominess in everyone’s house. There was only one place where there was happiness. Yes, it is in the Hayoshigi palace. The chief minister gets crowned as king and the ministers reached top position.

Just miles away from the palace, outside Shu Khan temple sits a little boy with a grin. With his black hair reaching his eyes, his smile of glee make anyone merry, an innocent soul. It is Li Sung a student of a great monk.
“Shall we go for a walk Bhikkhu?”Asked Li Sung.
The old monk nodded his head with a smile and there they go walking through the deep jungle. After a while they reached lake Tayoogi were they drank the sweet water and splashed their legs for a while Li Sung went for a swim but accidently while he was underwater he saw a secret passage under the Tayoogi waterfall. He thought that his teacher might be worried about him and went back to him.

Years passed and the kings got more rapacious than ever. The situation in Hublai had changed there were riots and massacres, people were murdered for there wealth even the temples were kept on fire. During this time the neighboring kingdom of Yashoji under king Shanji’s rule was waiting for a chance to invade there arch nemsis and rule over their land and this was the perfect opportunity. Within a month Shanji’s coalition was a success and Hublai came under their rule and he exiled the king of Hublai. Even though king Shanji had conquered Hublai he was a kind hearted king and not like the past ruler of Hublai. He treated the people of both countries with respect and equality. He would never even kill a person for his crime instead he would advise him to never do that sin again.

During this time, in Shu Khan temple Li Sung grew up and became an expert in archery and sword fighting. Once while hunting near the Tayoogi River he remembered about the secret passage he had seen in the past. Right away he went to the monk.
And asked, “Bikkhu I had just now remembered about a passage that I had seen in the past under the tayoogi waterfalls.”
The monk advised, “Son go to the king and ask him to send some expert swimmers to reveal the truth.”
Li Sung did as his master told. The swimmers found out that there was a chest box. And brought it before the king.
“Fetch me the royal archaeologist and ask him to examine the chest box.” ordered the king.

Within 4 days the archaeologist gave the result,
“Sire this is an old chest box it dates back to the reign of The Great King Xi Shan. It has an inscription about a golden sword that could defeat even an army of 10,000 giants with just one big attack.” Said the archaeologist.
“Then how do we open it, is there a key to open it” asked the king impatiently and curiously.
The archaeologist said. “To open the chest box there are no keys, but the mind. A man with Truthfulness, Kindness and Patience could open it with their own hands.”
The king tried to open the chest box but all was in vain.

Then he invited each of his people and asked them to try to open but none could. When Li Sung had heard about it he set out by thinking may be luck might be on his side he went to the palace and tried to open the chest box.

Alas!! It was a wonder, Li Sung was the one who had opened it. The news spread out like a wild fire people were thunderstruck and bewildered!!!

Drops of water came from Li Sung’s eyes, he himself was astounded. Even the king couldn’t believe his eyes as Li Sung lifted the sword towards the sun, it shone brightly and not an amount of dust cover the luster of the sword.

Suddenly the monk appeared before him. Do you know king Xi shan was a king with these 3 things that is the reason why he could lift it other than anyone else but…. You!!! You are the second Xi Shan thereby you would be known as Xi Shan the II.

King Shanji bowed down and offered his crown to show a sign of respect. The people too bowed down. But Li Sung asked him to continue his reign until his death. Years passed and upon king Shanji’s death, Li Sung took over as the new king of Hublai. Then on the throne sits Li Sung or else should I call you Xi Shan II. And thereby he ruled the prosperous kingdom until his death……

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