A Hidden Talent- By ArdrA Binoth Lonen.

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Charlie is a teenage boy who goes to school and has to do homework like every other child. Among his teachers and parents, he was an underachiever. But this young boy was not just an ordinary child. He has a very special hidden talent that not everyone can have. Let us see how Charlie discovers it, which is all because of his best friend John and how it amazed people around him.

It was a one fine morning, Charlie and his parents were at the table for breakfast. Charlie’s mom started a conversation saying “good morning, slept well?”. Charlie replied his mom, “our neighbour’s dog kept barking through the whole night, it took me a hard time to sleep.” On hearing this, his mother said, “well, you shan’t sleep in your class, I spoke with your mentor the other day to know how your performances were, and I should say, I was pretty disappointed. How did your grades get so low?”

Charlie tried his best to parry his mother’s question. Suddenly, out of the blue, the phone rang. Charlie’s mother went to pick it up. He took this bite at the cherry to abscond from the room. He greeted his dad ‘good day’ and fled out taking his school bag as he heard the honking of his bus. As he reached school, his teacher announced in class about a school play. She then asked all the students in her class to write down the names of the interested students in a small slip of paper and put it in the box which was used for the lucky dip, placed on the table in front of them. Charlie had no interest, but his friend John, who had a personality of lenity, always believed that his best friend was very talented, wrote Charlie’s name without anyone, including Charlie himself, knowing.

The next day Charlie was chosen to play the main role. Everyone was astonished to see that Charlie was interested. Charlie, who was all in a fog, explained to his teacher and classmates that it was all a misunderstanding and he didn’t want to participate. His teacher gave him the benefits of the doubts. But the decision was final.

Charlie and john walked home together as they live in the same neighbourhood. John explained that it was he who wrote his name. Charlie was furious at first, but he couldn’t stay mad at his friend for so long. “I am now stuck inside a can of worms.” said Charlie, as he already had a stack of homework and learning to do and now he has to practice for the school play. John encouraged him and offered to help him, but Charlie respectfully rejected his offer because he wanted to prove his mettle on his own.

Charlie went home and started working on his play script. He burned the midnight oil for the rest of the week and leaned the ropes. It was finally the day of the play. “I am getting the jitters!” exclaimed Charlie. “Don’t worry, I know you’ll do great.” Said John who was helping him with his final practice. An hour later, it was time for him to get up on stage. “Oh my! There are so many people watching.” Exclaimed Charlie. John giggled and wished him “Break a leg!”

The play went amazing. All his teachers, friends and parents were surprised to see how talented Charlie was in presenting his character. His teachers started exclaiming among themselves, “this boy has the gift of the gab!”, “he has given an impeccable performance!”, “Charlie is really talented.”

Charlie, on hearing this, took it as a motivation and thereafter participated in all activities involving oral presentation. About a month later, with the help of his teachers, Charlie made perfections in his studies and became a bright, sedulous and ebullient student in class as well as in the school.

When his mentors spoke with his mother, they asked how this amazing talent of his was hidden all this long. His mother replied, “neither did we know about his talents. But I say, that his father too, is an adept in the art of speaking.” She paused for a while, giggled and then continued “Well, Charlie is, the chip of the old block

“Well, he has truly improved”, exclaimed Charlie’ teacher, “he was once a frivolous child, everything was just a walk in the park for him. But now, he is a very putative student. His performances are ambit of one’s expectations. Speak of the devil, hear he is!” and in came Charlie with his best friend John. His mom stared at them and asked him, “Charles, I hear that you have aced in your subjects, and won a lion’s share of love from among your teachers and friends. How did you manage to do all this in such a paucity of time?” Charlie took a while to think and said, “well, it’s all because of john!” Everyone including John stared at Charlie out of curiosity. “About a month ago, when my mentor announced in class about a school play, no one, especially me, thought that I would be interested to participate in it. But John, undoubtedly believed in me and gave my name without anyone knowing. Later when I came to know that it was he who was responsible for me getting the main the role, I thought of taking paper in the nose. But, before I could, he encouraged me and convinced me to give it a try. I got motivated by his words and thought of making it my goal and work hard to get it.’

Everyone in the room was inspired by his words. John was very proud of his friend. He giggled and said, “you’ve worked hard and I know it. I think you should toot your own horn a little now.”

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