What if I am a …..by Arjun Vishal

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There I was printed down a machine, then sitting in a box with duplicates of me, going down a truck to the book shop. Though not handled as good as a book, I was hanging in the front shelf from where I could see visitors dropping by the store. Every time, I see a person entering the shop and looking at a book, I would think he would buy it and the shopkeeper would take me from the shelf and put me inside the book…

Sometimes, I even try to wave and dance along with the wind to grab their attention. I wanted someone to read those intricate words written on me.

I was very curious about what was printed on me.

Well, my life has become like a famous quote of Winnie the Pooh, “ They say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing all day.”

Yes, I am just a printed piece of paper, wondering what is printed on me.

One fine day, a girl brought a book. The shopkeeper kept me inside her book and handed over to her. I was happy and gay, but to my dismay it was very stuffed and packed inside.

This girl who brought that book started reading the book, but she never felt to use me. She just folded the small piece of paper and used her conventional way to mark the pages….I was still in the page where I was first kept, and this continued almost a year. After a while, she stopped reading and I wish my owner was someone who reads a lot and that is still a dream…

I would wake up every day and start reading the pages, my home.

Luckily, as book being a non-living thing like me, I could talk to the book. Once I asked the book to summarize its story and it did. I got to know about the whole book, just in a day. Not sure how the book became more intelligent than a bookmark???

Though I was bored and stuffed inside, I felt happy as I could know the story written on this book, which my owner has not yet read it…

Anyway, we both are stuck in her library with dust and bugs. We are immovable…

One day, a little girl came, and she pulled me from the book.

She read aloud what was written on me, “ Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” I just liked it. At last I could know what was written on me, the bookmark.


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