Practice makes a man perfect-By Ardra Binoth

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‘Practice makes a man perfect’ is not just a proverb or a saying but is the truth in the case of many prominent people of the world. Life is a given pathway that leads to destiny, it is filled with many obstacles and challenges we can’t just overcome then through shortcuts. There’s no alternative to success and hard work.

You know, behind every successful person, there is continuous practice. Well, there’s no power in this world that can turn us into someone like the world wide sensation BTS or Sachin Tendulkar over night without any practice.

I know that practice can sometimes be a very crucial and a frustrating thing. But without regular practice, we’d attain only average results. It leads us to success by correcting our mistakes and errors.

Proper planning and dedication towards our work with regular practice helps us to achieve our goal. I’d like to conclude by saying that, skills come from deliberate practice. You shan’t practice until you get it right, but until you can’t get it wrong.

Thank you and have a blissful day ahead.

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