My favorite Subject- By Josiah Green

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I never loved any subject more than another in my first month at school. In fact, if I had earlier considered having a favorite subject, it would have been mathematics. I did so well in Mathematics in primary school that I was nicknamed “Chikeobi”. I had strongly believed that every subject could be a student’s favorite subject.

             However, my belief instantly changed after a lesson on the English language few months after. Our English teacher told us the gains and power of the English language in our academic life.

        In summary, she said, “The English language is the key to your success in other subjects in school. How many teachers teach you in vernacular? How many textbooks are written Vernacular? How many exams are set in vernacular? If you learn the English language well and become very rich in its vocabulary, the door to your success is open. For there is no lesson you cannot understand, no textbook you cannot understand, no textbook you cannot read and no examination question you cannot understand or answer. From that day the English Language became my favorite subject.

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