Goals to Success -By Jeal De Guzman

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Goals in life is a picture of what people plan to accomplish in the future. It is our motivation to strive hard. We learn not to give up that easily. It also teaches us to learn from our mistakes. The things we learn help us to persevere in the things we do. These also serve as a guide to direct our path to victory. Our goals help us to be successful in the future by encouraging us to study more, giving us ideas to explore and by helping us to be independent and strong.

Whenever we have a goal, we tend to study more and try to  learn things that could help us achieve our goal. We could use those things we learned as stepping stones to overcome trials along the way. In reaching our goals all the skills that we have learned could be beneficial.

Our goal also gives us relevant ideas to explore. We go out of our comfort zone to try new things that could help us attain our goals. Meeting new friends can help us to discover something new and make us more productive. Going to different places could also open up our minds to new ideas.

And lastly, it helps us to be independent and strong. We manage to be more focused on our target. We are likely to work on our own. We pay attention to details that could help in our decision making. And we are not easily affected by negative thoughts like stress, anger and sadness. Having a solid goal in life enables us to be strong and do everything with courage and determination.

In conclusion, Our goals in life are things that we look up to so that we can strive as hard as we can. Going through a life without a goal is like driving a car without a destination. Today we proved that goals help us in many ways. It also helps us develop our talents. We also learned not to give up on something we really want to do. The goals we have in life helps us to study more, to explore and to be independent. As Dwayne “ The Rock” Johnson said “ Success isn’t always about greatness; It is about consistency. The consistent hard work gains success. Greatness will come.”

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