Quest for a Better tomorrow- By Tia Rachael George

  • Contributed by : Tia Rachel George
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  • Class : 8
  • Age : 13
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  • Article type : Poetry
  • Target Age Group : 11-15 Years

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Our Earth provides for every man's need, not every man's greed.
Earth, our home planet, a world unlike any other; has been entrusted into our hands. We are thus committed to doing the proud job of caring and loving the Earth.
Thus, let us all do our part to protect our Nature.

Gaia in Roman, Terra in Greek,
Earth as we all know it- is bleeding.
Predators and prey, friends and foe;
A habitat for us all, a home worth fighting for.

Let’s care for trees and not burn them.
Let the water gush on, leave the trash elsewhere.
Restore the ozone and reduce the radiation.
Let’s love our planet, our dear Mother Earth.

To reduce must be in our bucket list,
To reuse is a hope anew for tomorrow,
To recycle is to play our role for a better future;
For you and for me.

Let’s pause and reflect,
What our greed has consumed.
Retrace if required,
Paths taken for comfort and technology.

Let’s take a vow to make dreams a reality.
Glistening streams of lakes and rivers,
Lush greenery of the Amazon forests,
And the pure white blanket at either poles.

We are the guardian, let’s play our part!

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