Eternal Beauty- By Ester Rachel

  • Contributed by : Esther Rachel
  • Status : Student
  • Class : 12th
  • Age : 17
  • Mode : Medium
  • Article type : Poetry
  • Target Age Group : 11-15 Years

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The blossom of a child

The blossom of a flower

The growth of a child

The growth of a tree

The food we eat

They becomes our food

The smile of a child

The waving branches of trees

The first word uttered by a child

The first fruit of a tree

The beautiful dresses of a child

The magnificent covering of leaves,fruits and flowers.

Varying in hues.

How ecstatic is a child while playing in this greenery?

Eternal alluring beauty!

But this greenery being erased of

Our cruelty?

No more waiting,let’s join our hands

To protect our eternal beauty who is

Weeping to us!

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