Artificial Intelligence – Boon or Bane?- By Fida Ancy

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In a world filled to the brim with technology and innovation, Artificial Intelligence plays a big role. Humans can think like no other being, and we are trying to instill this human quality in machines. And that is Artificial Intelligence.

With technology booming at a rate like no other time, Artificial Intelligence is also improving greatly. Machines are used almost everywhere; operating on algorithms and performing tasks at a faster rate than humans. But, then a new question arises. Is Artificial Intelligence a boon for humanity? Or is it a bane?

Artificial Intelligence has long since been seen as a testimony to the world’s technological prowess and development. It is less prone to make mistakes and much faster than humans. But unlike humans, who have a complex thinking system, they operate solely on algorithms instilled in them. Hence, A.I. cannot adapt to different situations. This can be an obstacle when new situations are presented in front of the machine.

Besides, there are several employment issues. Thousands of people in the workforce are being replaced by machines which are far more efficient than them. But, these people lose their jobs and struggle to make ends meet with the meager money they possess. People are the base of the economy, and unemployment will affect the country as a whole.

In addition, A.I. does not possess the natural intelligence and emotions that humans do. They also do not improve with experience, no matter how many years they have been in service. Meanwhile, humans learn from their experiences and mistakes and thus improve over time.

Artificial Intelligence is also extremely expensive. The setting up and maintenance of the machines cost quite a lot.

On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence also has a lot to contribute towards the good of the world. Today, a large percentage of work is done by machines. They have more speed, and a lesser chance of making mistakes than humans. Most jobs are completed by machines in half the time it takes us, and also quite more efficiently.  A.I. can work for an infinite time without requiring breaks or time-outs. They can be used for maximum-efficiency, and can be used in various fields, and opens up to new opportunities.

It is also making many other tasks easier for us. Everything from automatic cars to robot surgery is done by A.I. In the healthcare sector, complicated surgeries are operated by robots, helping save numerous lives. Improved editions of transport like self-driving and electric cars are all possible through A.I., reducing accidents. A.I. like Siri and Cortana help make life easier, and can be used for home security among other things.

Just like A.I. deprives many people of jobs, it also creates more. Artificial Intelligence requires entrepreneurs and others professionalized in engineering and robotics to harness their skills to create more machines for different uses. But these numbers are still few compared to the rates of unemployment.

In addition, it has numerous opportunities across businesses and can continue to expand even in the far future and amass a great value.

In short, Artificial Intelligence has both advantages and disadvantages. It is faster, more mistake free and efficient that humans, and does not need rest and is used in a variety of fields for various purposes. But at the same time creates unemployment problems and does not possess the same emotions and intelligence as humans. But, if we learn to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence properly, then it can be used to our advantage and help humans progress at a terrifying rate never seen before.

“Artificial Intelligence is about replacing human decision making with more sophisticated technologies.”

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