The world beyond- By Canvy Chong

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The wind moaned. I shivered. This was the place I did not want to get lost in. I was in a cemetery with Marila, my sister. She said that we were here to explore and convinced me to go with her. Then Marila exclaimed, " Wow! Merida, come and take a look!". I rushed to her. When I got there, lying on the ground, disguised by a layer of rocks and plants, was a small door.

We stared at it in bewilderment. We glared at each other, asking one if we should open the door. We didn't answer each other, but we tugged on the door. It didn't open though. But then, when we were about to leave, it cracked open. Without figuring if we should go inside, we dashed in as quick as cheetahs. We crawled in the tunnel and soon we saw light.

We peeked through a small hole and we saw spirits and we went pale. We dashed out. We never went to that cemetery ever again. People start finding out what happened and some said they always hear people singing when they were all alone. And that's how that cemetery was named The World Beyond.

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