A complain letter for customer service- By Canvy Chong

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  • Age : 13
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Dear Mr. Johnson, owner of Julie's restaurant,

I am writing to you to complain about your customer service. Yesterday, I went to your restaurant to celebrate my sister's birthday. I had already made a reservation. However, when we got there, all the tables were full. I told the waiter but he just told me to wait until there was an empty table. I informed him that I made reservations but he just ignored me. We had to wait for half an hour. Once we got a seat, we ordered our food. But the food was 20 minutes late and when it arrived it was already cold. I told the waiter about this but he just rolled his eyes at me. He said that we were lucky that our food didn't arrive an hour late. Well after that we ate the food. Then I asked the waiter to bring out the cake. He said that maybe we should just eat the cake at home because he was very busy. But when he went away, he just stood at the corner looking at his phone! I asked another waiter to bring out the cake. Once we were done, I requested to pay the bill. The waiter came he handed me the bill. I was shocked! He even charged me for asking to bring out the cake! I was furious. I called another one of your waiters and they changed the bill. But I got the chance to get the rude waiter's name. He was Mack Jerson. I would please like you to inform that waiter to change his behavior.

Yours sincerely,

Canvy Chong

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