How to Make a Snow Globe-By Stavir Prabhu

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The Austrian erwin perzy,A producer of surgical instruments, invented the so called schneekugel(snow globe) originally his goal was to develop an extra bright light source for use as a surgical lamp.

When we shake the snow globe the glitter and water gets stirred up. When left undisturbed it settles back slowly so has our mind when disturbed we end up in different thoughts. If we let it to calm down everything gets clear .

Materials required:

A clean glass bottle with lid
Hot glue gun
An object (Toy)
A lid


Glue the object (i used a masha toy)on a lid and place them on glass bottle lid firmly . Fill the glass bottle with water add glycerin .(glycerin helps the glitter to settle slowly giving effect of snow globe.) Add choice of glitter and close the bottle with lid and turn upside down

The snow globe is ready ..

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