My birthday party- By Canvy Chong

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It was my birthday last Sunday. My parents had held a great party for me. That day I had invited my friends and relatives to my party. I rushed to the door when the doorbell rang to invite my guests. All of them were holding colorful, wrapped presents. I thanked them for coming and for the presents. We played some games such as 'Pin the tail on the donkey' and 'Pinyata'.After that, we ate the delicious food my grandmother and mother prepared. There were fried chicken, fries, burgers, rice, noodles, pizza, and many more. After that, we continued to talk and play.

Then, my father decided that it was time to cut the cake. He and my mom rang the bell to signal that it was time to sing the birthday song. Once the cake was presented out, we all sang the birthday song and I made my wish, blew the candles out. We all clapped and cheered. The cake was delicious.

Then it was 10:00 pm and it was time for my guests to leave. I thanked them again for the gifts and for coming to my party. I also thanked my dear parents. I was happy that celebrate my birthday which such an amazing party. It was a memorable birthday indeed.

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