The Touch of the Sea- By Fida Ancy

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When the waves crashed into the sea rocks, my thoughts were of him.

The memories had faded with time, but I could still imagine the scent of the sea that followed him. His rugged face, the corners of his blue eyes lined with smile creases. His weathered tanned hand stroking my hair, telling me stories as I slowly fell asleep.

I rested my hand on the hull of the little boat that was moored against the docks. The storm raged around it, whipping it from side to side. The sky was a dark shade of blue, dotted with grey and black. Lightning struck across the firmament, illuminating the wicked rocks that jutted out amidst the rolling waves.

My sister was out there somewhere.

Maren’s face flitted across my mind uninvited. I remembered the way her lips curved into a smile, her dark eyes bright. Even after Mother had died, that never changed.

Of the two of us, I was the angry one. I was the one who lashed out when someone mentioned my parents. “Your father was brave,” they would say pityingly. “He died a hero.” And then they would falter under my furious glare.

I sucked in a breath, gathering my courage. Once, in a moment long lost to time, the sea had been my abode. It had been a place of strength. I would sit for hours at the beach, digging my toes into the wet sand and let the waves sweep away my troubles and worries.

Now it was nothing more than a constant reminder of what I had lost. The sea had swept my father away, and I feared that sooner or later, it would swallow up what little I had left.

Go out into the sea, a voice whispered in my head. Find your sister.

Terror rose in me as a wave came crashing into the rocks, but I forced myself to stand there, firm and unmoving.

I could do this.

I could conquer my fear and find my sister, wherever she was.

As the storm raged and the sea boiled, I sailed out into the water.

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