My Visit to the Niagara Falls- By Ann Tony

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Last year, I visited the Niagara Waterfalls , one of the most awe inspiring sights of the earth. Situated in eastern North America on the border between U.S.A and Canada, it is one of the largest as well as more popular waterfalls in the world. Niagara Falls consists of three waterfalls namely the Canadian Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls.

As a popular tourist destination it attracts millions of tourists every year. Some of the must see places and things there, apart from the majestic waterfalls itself, are the Niagara Falls state park, Skylon tower, and the cave of the winds.
The combined sound created by these three waterfalls is so loud that you can hear it miles away. I must confess that seeing the waterfalls from a boat on the Niagara river took my breath away. I felt dwarfed by this impressive natural wonder.

Let me talk a bit about the history of Niagara Falls too. The origin of the falls can be traced back to the Ice age which happened around 12,000 years ago when large quantities of ice melted into water and drained into the Niagara River. This continued to happen for a while gradually forming the present Niagara Falls. Centuries later, some people who realized the potential of this river to produce hydroelectric power built hydroelectric power plants in the river. In addition to this, the river and the falls have played a huge role in bringing developmental activities to the Niagara region.

This is one place, of all the places I have ever travelled to, which refuses to leave my memory because of its sheer magnificence.

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