When the unexpected comes to reality – by Daya Vinil

  • Contributed by : Daya Vinil
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The hassle and all the worry,
Fills up my mind.
Everything feels so strange,
As if we have lost time.

Who would’ve thought?
Such a day would arrive.
Where we all are trapped,
Where no one can deny.

Wished we could travel,
But we must avoid all places.
Wished to stopover sights,
But fear to end up as one of the cases.

I try to introduce myself online,
There is no interaction and I just want to scream.
There are limitations to meet new people,
It’s absurd to talk to this blank screen.

I’ve now understood gratitude,
I now value being alive.
My perspectives are different,
As I cherish every moment of life.

I won’t forget COVID,
Surely, it won’t forget me
You’ve caused abundant damage
So I hope you would soon leave.

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