That Glorious Leap!- By Gayathri Saju

  • Contributed by : Gayathri Saju
  • Status : Student
  • Class : 9
  • Age : 14
  • Mode : Medium
  • Article type : Poetry
  • Target Age Group : 11-15 Years

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Once a little girl
Hopping and running joyfully
In a little playground
But alas!
Down she fell
With a loud thud
She was in pain and discomfort
But kept her heart tight
And jumped and hopped further just like the same

Then the mighty wind
Blew its arrogance and power
At that little child
Causing it to collapse and fall again
With a loud thud
She was in pain and discomfort
But kept her strength
And walked further

Then the violent thunder
Shrieked louder with its petrifying resonances
Which almost frightened the little innocent face
That she almost fainted and fell again
With a loud thud
Raindrops trickled her chubby cheeks
And she went on further

Walking and Walking
She saw a beautiful place
Filled with attractive, mesmerizing objects
She held the sparkling diamond
Which marked her glorious leap
And she lived happily ever after


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