World Paper Bag Day- By Malavika Vinod

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Paper bags are a way of saving our environment and is an  alternative to plastic bags, In addition to  the fact that they are recyclable, paper bags are also reusable and that is the reason why many have switched to paper bags. They are also simple to deal with and is completely environment friendly. While Plastic bags  takes years to decompose, paper bags  degrade easily, thereby decreasing the amount of pollutants in the soil.

Every year on July 12 , we celebrate World Paper Bag Day, with an aim to  spread awareness about paper bags. On that day ,we encourage people to use paper bags for shopping, collect recyclables like plastic bottles and newspapers etc., In 1852, Francis Wolle from Pennsylvania built a machine for making paper bags. From there , paper bag made an amazing journey. It was suddenly popular as people started using it in large numbers. In 1870, Margaret E. Knight , known as the “Mom of the Grocery Bag” – designed the square flat bottomed bag, and also the machine that will fold and paste them, which further strengthened its journey.

However , gradually we rejected paper and preferred plastic because plastic was cheap and easily available.  We took a very long time to realize our mistake of using plastic. Just at the edge of choking the Earth with pollution, we went back to paper for help. Still many of us are hesitating to use paper bags, but if we want to save Earth from plastic, we must realize the harmful effects of plastic and stop using plastic as much as we can. As children, its our moral responsibility to protect our environment and we have to use paper bags and spread awareness about it.  We should always be  a role model for our fellow beings  and show them how to save our planet to make it healthy and ecofriendly to live in.

“We have no right to kick paper out, but we do have the right to welcome it back”.

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  1. Excellent presentation Malavika👍. I like your style.You have the best ideas. Keep ip the good work!🌹♥️