My favourite Entrepreneur- Henry Ford- By Madhav Prasanth

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It’s estimated that out of 1000 people only 20% succeeds. Whenever people face problems most of them react like “Oh my God! This is such a big problem. I will never overcome it and so I am giving up!”  However others like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, and Steve Jobs responded in a different way by finding solutions to their problems. It may take days, weeks or even months, but they never give up. One such person who followed this rule was Henry Ford, an American business man, industrialist, philanthropist and founder of the Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford is my favourite entrepreneur.

Henry Ford was born on July 30 1863 in a farm at spring wells Township Michigan. Both his parents were immigrants who came to USA. His mother died when Henry Ford was 13.  He repaired watches as a job when he was 15 because he wasn’t interested in farming.  .When he was 16, he left his home and went to Detroit in search of work. He worked in the Detroit Dry Dock Co.  , But came to home to help his father in work. But luck soon favored Henry Ford when he was 19: he was hired by George Westinghouse an American entrepreneur and engineer to work in his steam engine. He also studied book keeping in Detroit.

In 1885, he built a four cycle model. In 1892, Henry Ford built his first motor car.  It ran at speeds of 10 or 20 miles per hour.  He married Clara Jane Bryant in 1888. Ford became an engineer in the Edison Illuminating Company of Detroit.  He was promoted to Chief engineer in 1893 and after that he spend his time on gasoline engines. The first car he built was built on 1896. The cars name was Ford Quadricycle. Ford test drove the Ford Quadricycle on June 4 1896. In 1896 Henry Ford met Thomas Alva Edison and it was a start of a remarkable friendship between the two of them.

Ford designed his second car in 1892 and with the backing of William. H  Murphy, he started the Detroit Automobile Company in August 5 1899. However in 1901, the company failed because of high prices .  Then in 1903, he formed the Ford Motor Company with Tom Cooper and 28,000$ as investment. He test drive one of his cars in a frozen Lake St. Clair and set a speed record encouraged by this success Barney Oldfield raced across USA with a Ford car. Henry Ford is the one who introduced the five – dollar wage. Ford introduced the Stout Metal Airplane Company in 1925. Ford opposed war and funded a ship to Rosika Schwimmer to go to Europe but failed in the end. In 1915 he blamed German – Jewish bankers for starting the war. In World War ll also he opposed the entry of USA in the war, He accused the Jews again for starting the war and Ford did business with Nazi Germany including War Materials. Ford died in 1947 due to stroke at the age of 83.

 The biggest reason for Henry Ford’s Success was his persistence. He never gave up on his failures when he first started the company. He had faced several challenges in life but with the help of his friends and wife he always found a solution. He openly voiced his opinion and never backed down from a fight. This is why he is one of the greatest examples of success. Henry Ford will always remain my favourite Entrepreneur

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