Eventful Mornings with Furry Pigeons- By Ameya Hari

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You know, nowadays life is mostly indoors. Sometimes I write down about my life experiences but I can’t complete a series without someone. Let’s find out who is that “special someone”….

Kuwait, my second home is a desert. It’s mainly a city with tall buildings, cars honking through roads, grocery stores on both sides of the road, there’s not much flora and fauna, but it is not like there’s none at all.

It was a hot afternoon; I was sipping on lemonade, staring at the window pane. A cute little pigeon as brown as a cookie ruffled its feathers and started cooing its melody, and getting comfy near the flowers and plants on my balcony. It started eating chilly leaves on the balcony and quenched its thirst with water kept there. Quickly I remembered mom’s face would be red and angry if she sees this scene that her precious plants were eaten by birds. Oh my god, I can’t imagine….but now I am only interested in that cutie pigeon. I am sure that I can convince my mom. I continued watching her activities from a distance or else, it will fly away simply because they don’t like being watched.

          The next day, the pigeon started making a nest with twigs, sticks, wires, coco-cola can tops etc.. and decorated the top with flowers from our balcony. It was really a rare sight for me. I have never seen a nest so closer or even a bird making its own nest. Then the pigeon seated itself inside the nest and watched as the sun was shining in the blue sky and the wind blowing gently. I was in seventh heaven during that time.

Fifteen days later I was looking for the pigeon when I found her the nest had 4 eggs, you had to see my reaction there, and I was so excited for the eggs to hatch, and a few days later, they hatched. The birdies were so tiny, sweet and cute. But they were a pale yellow in color and resembled chicks.

On a fine morning, I was looking for the birdies. Quickly mommy pigeon swooped inside, she had found watermelon seeds, and I guess they are watermelon seeds? She fed her birdies, they began to dance and sing. They really started to look like pigeons. After a few days, their mom left that day the birdies made louder “coos”. At first, I was puzzled and wondered why she left? But then I understood that the mommy pigeon left because she knows that the birdies were ready to learn and explore on their own. I was so happy, the birdies started to learn how to fly. When one of them falls down, they were helping each other and learned to find seeds and made a delicious meal by themselves[ For pigeons that are.] Sometimes things get tough, but they still dance and sing about. Sometimes the youngest one stares at me and ‘coos.’ I think it is trying to speak to me who knows.

It was five in the morning; I was taking a nap until there was a bunch of ticking and cooing, uh! WHY DOES MY SLEEP ALWAYS GET DISTURBED BY SOMETHING OR THE OTHER!! I got up and found that my friends, the pigeons were leaving. I was sad at first but always had a feeling that they will come back one day to meet me. I learned a lot from the birdies, education can come from anywhere a book, a computer or even from a pigeon, but we will be ready to go and explore the beauty of nature.

Until next time this is Ameya signing out.



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