Break the Time Loop, Follow your dreams- By Shraddha Sunil Jose

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A few days ago, I saw a movie about two people who were stuck in a time loop. Time was broken. But, they were the only ones who knew. They were living the same day over, and over, and over again. The movie is about them figuring out how to fix the world, and get out of the loop. It was a pretty cool movie, but that’s not what I’m going to write about.

The movie got me wondering, so many of us are already stuck in time loops. Except, time isn’t broken. We go to the same places, see the same people, do the same things, over and over, until our time is up. That is the climax of our movie. We don’t escape the loop, we succumb to time.

Having a routine isn’t wrong. But what is the use of having a routine, if you despise having to do it every single day, and get mere survival out of it?. I have met so many people who hate their jobs, but still continue to do them. They hate their loops, but refuse to get out of them.

As kids, all of us saw dreams that may seem ridiculous now that we are grown up, but it didn’t seem that way back then. The question is, why? With age, why do we think that we cannot be whoever we want or do whatever we want to do? Well, the most reasonable answer would be that it is because we start understanding how the world works and we convince ourselves that our lives need to go the way other people tell us they should.

According to me, the reason for us getting stuck in this loop is because we are afraid of taking risks. Many of us are told what we can be, or what we can achieve. We start telling ourselves a hundred excuses regarding why we shouldn’t follow our dreams, and we tell ourselves that it is unrealistic to risk everything and get out of the loop. So, we start doing what everybody is doing. We wake up everyday, dead on the inside, hating the fact that we have to get through that day, while refusing to be different.

We get the opportunity to live our life, but we only exist. We are teeny tiny specks on the face of this vast, enormous planet. You and I are even tinier than we think. So why not make our little lives count? Why not go crazy and be whoever we want to be and check off all of those ridiculous things off of our bucket list? Why not be the rulebreakers? So that, when we breathe our last, we will know that in the climax of our movie, we escaped the loop, and we proved ourselves to the world.

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