Lucky Shoes- By Tom Tibu

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 I'm a football fan and in my opinion, if you are a football fan then you should know how to play football as well . I started playing football since I was a kid. One day, we saw a group of children who were 3-4 years older than me playing football, I liked the way they played, so me and my friend requested them to let us play too. One of the boys playing football with them was my friends brother, so they allowed us to play, at first we we're goalkeepers and after some time defenders, after 1-2 years everyone started to go to India or shifted there buildings, so there were only 6-7 people to play, that's when they made me the striker for the first time, and after some time I became the best 'Young'  player over there. It went on like this for a long time until the Corona pandemic came, everyone stopped coming to play. And literally I didn't play football with them for 1 whole year!

When the pandemic came down, another group of children of my age group staying opposite to my building also started coming to play . I went to play with them, It was not a good start for me, because I hadn't played in a long time, but day by day I became good, but I wasn't the best. After 2-3 months improved, but I still I wasn't as good as I was, that's when my shoes slipped and I fell down injured my leg. I couldn't go to play for almost  1 month after this accident.

When my leg was ready I started to go to play again but my father and my mother told me not to go because it was dangerous to play with my old shoes as the grip of that shoes was bad and had chances to fall again. So, me and my parents went to buy a new pair of shoes, I bought a pair and went to play with it the next day, and after wearing that shoes, I became so good at football that on my first day with the  new shoes, I scored 2 goals, and we won the match 3-2 even though we were losing 0-2. And after that everyday, I scored at least 1 goal . And these shoes, became my lucky shoes.

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