Nature Conservation- By Ayman Muhammed

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A warm welcome to all.

Today I am going talk about the topic, nature conservation.

What is nature conservation?

Nature conservation is systematic way of protecting different species from extinction, restoring natural habitats and preserving biological diversity. World Nature conservation day is held on 28th July every year. Conserving nature means preserving the gifts of nature like plants, animals, minerals, natural gases, fuels etc. It is celebrated to spread awareness about our nature and the importance of conserving natural resources. It takes many years to grow a tree but just a minute to cut it down. Similarly, nature takes a long time to flourish and blossom, and destroying it is an immeasurable  loss for us.

Nature is precious and conserving it is crucial and vital. It is the inherent duty of humankind to protect nature. Nature is bodacious and enthralling with diversified landscapes. It is a phenomenal creation and the greatest blessing we have . We must remember that we always depend on nature but nature doesn’t depend on us. Unfortunately, in recent years we have seen that Mother Nature has changed a lot. Instead of preserving and sustaining we are marring Nature.

let me share one of my experience. Once, we went to a place in Kuwait called Green Island . When we looked at the sea, we could see lot of plastics drifting on water. We walked for a long to find a suitable place to enter the beach and play. It is sad to see that our waterbodies are polluted with plastics and other manmade substances. All this plastic is not good for the aquatic animals as they might try to eat them or get tangled around their body.

So, How can we help in conserving natural resources?

First of all, we must reduce, reuse and recycle the usage of natural resources. We should conserve and save water as much as possible. We should also try to reduce our usage of water, Be it for washing our car or while bathing. Try to plant as many trees as possible.  Planting trees increases the oxygen supply and produces food. When we go to a shop it is better to carry jute bags or cloth bags than poly bags. We must also promote the use of renewable energy  I know that we all know the rules, but most of us are not paying any heed to it. We must also educate and spread awareness among our friends.

Wildlife is also a part of nature. Wild animals are largely killed for skin, meat, and other body parts. And many of them are at the edge of extinction, which affects the  food chain. We also hear stories of wild animals entering human zones due to the destruction of their habitat.

When nature gets hurt, it hurts us back in the form of natural disasters. If we conserve nature, nature will nurture us. Nature’s beauty is in endless form snow filled mountains to thick forests, from the high waterfalls to the low flowing rivers, yes...nature’s beauty is endless. We know that forests are the lungs of our earth. Destroying it would decrease the oxygen and increase carbon dioxide. A new study published estimates that, 15.3 billion trees are chopped every year. Is this the way to conserve nature??

Its time to realize that we are not the owners of nature, but we are just guests of this world. Remember the words of Gandhiji-“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.

Thank you

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