Autobiography of a School desk- By Durga Bichu

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This story is about an old school desk remembering his old days.

Where am I? I asked myself. My friend Sam told me that we are in an old, dark attic full of spider webs. OH! Now I am so old that I became of no use at all. But I do remember my young days…

Autobiography of a school desk

Long ago I was a part of a tall oak tree, enjoying the breeze and standing cheerfully in a huge dense forest. One day some men came to the forest and saw me and my friends. They felled us down and took us in a big truck which reached to large factory. They polished, sawed, nailed and painted me. OH! How nice and shiny I used to look.

Then they took me to a school where I was put in the first place with my little chair friends. I really loved my first pupils who took great care of me. Then comes the naughty ones who scribbled and scratched me. Then one day while a class was going on, one of my leg broke. It was hurting so much, the teacher asked the janitor to take me to the attic and replace me with a new one. The janitor threw me into the attic with great which caused my other leg to break. It was so painful and I passed out. I was really so handsome at m old days. Now I lie here, in this attic becoming of no use at all.

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