The DJ Maestro – Alan Walker- By Malavika Vinod

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Alan Walker- If you announce this name in public, you will have a crowd in front of you in a micro second. Millions of people shouting “He’s my favorite DJ, you don’t know how much I like his music”. I always use to wonder-How can a person be this famous? I am a die heart fan of this world famous DJ.

Alan Olav Walker is an English-Norwegian DJ and record producer. From his childhood Walker had an interest in computers which later developed into a passion for graphic design and programming. The most fascinating fact is that he never had a musical background and simply learned music by watching YouTube videos.

Alan Walker- Essay

Walker listened to a song by DJ David Whistle and reached out to him to learn how he produced his music. EDM producers like K-391 and Ahrix inspired him .With the encouragement of his fans, he slowly started pursuing his music production career and began uploading songs on YouTube and SoundCloud. As a bedroom producer he was known as DJ Walkzz before releasing his debut single in 2014.

Walker released his first track “Fade” at the age of 18 on 17th August 2014. It gained popularity and had over 400 million views in YouTube, 115 million plays in Spotify and 41 million streams in SoundCloud.

In 2015, after signing with MER Music under Sony Music Sweden, Walker released his next single, “Faded”, a vocal and remastered version of “Fade”, featuring uncredited pop singer Iselin Solheim. This was a great smash and immediately gained immense popularity. It was placed with the 10 most liked YouTube videos and had over 1.1 billion plays on Spotify.After that Walker released many other songs which are known worldwide including Darkside, On My Way, Sing Me To Sleep, Alone, The Spectre and many more.

Today Alan Walker is held in a high place by many of the world’s young people His name is so famous that the most of the youth today  can name and sing any of his songs. His mysterious attire on stage consisting of the black hoodie and mask which covers half of his face and the famous logo which has an engraved ‘A’ and ‘W’ is one of the many things  unique about him. Alan’s fans call themselves the “Walkers” and wear the  same clothes as Walker devotedly. There are hundreds of fan sites and WhatsApp groups formed by them. I know that many of us are strong fans of Walker’s music and at any time when we feel it, we can join the Walkers and be counted as the next Alan Walker fan in the world.

Let us continue to enjoy all of Walker’s songs and wear the famous black mask proudly as a Walker. And as Alan once told “The mask is a symbol of unity. Anyone can be a Walker”

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