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Everyone has friends. There will be hardly anyone who doesn’t have any friends. True friends always stay in our heart and will never be forgotten. They will always leave an imprint in our hearts. They will always be with you in both good and bad times. To remember and cherish our beloved friends July 30th is observed as Friendship Day. Although India celebrates Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August, many other parts of the world celebrate it on July 30th.


There is an interesting story behind this special day. The U.S government once killed a man; however, the executed man’s friend committed suicide upon hearing the death of his dear friend. To honor and to celebrate the depth of their friendship, this day was marked as Friendship Day in U.S.A in 1935. Nowadays this day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. People exchange gifts, cards and flowers. Some people exchange friendship bands as well on this day.

It is hard to find a true friend in this modern era. Consider yourself blessed if you have a true friend who stands with you in your joys and sorrows. This day is also a reminder for everyone to never to take one’s friends for granted. I have so many good memories with my friends. I fondly remember them on this day. However, one has to be cautious too while making new friends. There is a popular saying on friendship, that is, a friend in need is a friend indeed. So, bear this saying in your mind as you make friends. As the pandemic shows no sign of respite, let us make the most of this beautiful day by talking to and spending time with our friends via online platforms.

*NOTE- Dedicated to my besties, Nadia and Malu

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