An adventure to Remember- By Ardra Binoth Lonen

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It was one fine morning. My best friend Katie and I were spending quality time together at the beach. On our way back, we came across a calm forest. We thought of taking a stroll around and watch its unending beauty. As we walked in, we heard a disturbing noise in the bushes. We checked it out, but found nothing. We thought of ignoring it and continue our walk, that was when two inhuman strange looking creatures appeared in front of us. They looked scary, weird and funny all at the same time. We were astonished. Our face turned pale out of fear as they approached us.

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One of them introduced them to us, “greetings! Me is sonny from the northern star. Me come in peace. Me is looking for my spacecraft which me lost when me crash - landed on this strange planet. Have thee seen it? Oh! And this is my first mate, George. “

Their English language was uncanny and sounded very funny too. But we could understand what they were saying and replied, “greetings! Welcome to planet earth. A pleasure to meet you. No, we haven’t seen your spacecraft. But we can help you look for it.” The creatures gladly accepted our offer.

It hardly took us two hours for the four of us to find it. And as a token of gratitude, they gave me and Katie each a bright shiny purple stone and told us that it would bring us good luck wherever we would go. I immediately rushed back to my car and took the key chain of my car key, which had a picture of me and Katie, and gave it to the creatures and told them that it was a gift to remember us by. They once more thanked us and left.

We realized that it was getting dark. Katie and I headed back home and narrated our unforgettable adventure to our families.

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