Eclipses: The origins of Drangondrift. Chapter 1: The mysterious voice- By Durga Bichu

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This is a story about a girl who discovers something about her town that made it the way it is today. Hi! There , I am Durga Bichu and I am writing this book (Eclipses: The origins of Drangondrift.) chapter by chapter. Some chapters are really long but interesting. This is my first time writing a mystery story so hope you enjoyed it. This article has only chapter 1. Thank you!

You know there’s a saying that goes “Some secrets are better left untold.” What if you discover something that tingles something inside you to go after that which is UNKOWN...

It was a dark Monday morning in the city of Dragondrift. As usual Monday’s it was slow and unpleasant, but it wasn’t a new thing for this town as it is has a history of being unpleasant since forever. As people walk past an old house, which myth has it that something really bad happened in there that now people are even afraid to talk about… “Olivia!” A voice shouted, “Wake up!” ” Mom, give me five more minutes.” “Oh, sweetie of course you can stay in for five more minutes.”

“Really?” Asked Olivia shockingly, as her mom never lets her sleep in especially on first days of school. “Yes, of course.” “You can sleep in if you want to miss the bus and walk through the old mansion.” “Ugh! Mom why do you do this to me.” “Last warning, you don’t wake up, you miss the bus, when you miss the bus don’t even think about asking me for a ride which brings us back to your going to walk alone and I am pretty sure that you don’t want to do that as you heard about what happened there right?” “Sheesh, I am waking up.” Olivia woke up and rushed to the bus but it was too late as the bus drove past her messing her hair. “No! Now I have to walk alone.” Luckily for Olivia she didn’t have to go there alone as her friend Jasmine also missed the bus. “Woke up late eh?” Asked Jasmine. “Yup, now we have to walk through that stupid myth mansion.” “Looks like you don’t believe in all these “myth” things.” “Yea, I mean who would believe that, Jas? Where are you?” Jas was nowhere to be found.  “Ok, yea nice try, but come out now, I am not going in that house.” “Jas? Ok now you are starting to scare me girl, come out we’re getting late.” Nobody replied. Olivia had to swallow her pride in about the myths and go look for her friend. “Ok, let’s do this I go in, check if Jas is there bring her back and done that’s it” said Olivia after taking a deep breath. She opened the door and went inside the mansion. “Ew, why did I ever come inside? Jas?” She called out as her voice echoed throughout the mansion. “Jas? You there? Please respond it’s starting to scare me.” Again there was no response. As Olivia continued to walk through the house she saw a door which had a weird glow. It was in purple color.  Olivia couldn’t open the door however hard she tried. Finally she lost hope and moved on. Suddenly she heard a voice saying “when the light goes red you will find everything about Dragondrift”. Before she could investigate further, the front door opened and the cops with her mom came in. “OH! Olivia you’re alright, why are you here?” Says her mom hugging her tightly. “Mom!” says Olivia hugging her back. “I came in here because Jas and I were late for school and while I was talking to her she disappeared into thin air.” “Honey, what are you talking about? Jas she went early to school.” “What? That can’t be possible because I was-“

“Hey Livy, you ok?” “What do you mean am I ok? Are you ok? I came in here looking for you.” “Umm, I am sorry to break it to you but I went to school half an hour early and look I even posted a picture on Picgram” says Jas showing her picgram handle. “If I was at school then how would I be walking to school with you?” I mean I was talking to you about the- wait” says Olivia walking towards the door from where the mysterious glow came from. “You guys see that?” “See what?” asks Jas. “The purple glow can’t you see that it’s there, if I could somehow open this door.” “Honey, there is no door.” “Okay, says Olivia giggling nervously, there is a door mom Jas can you see it?” “Nah, it’s just a blank wall.” “How is that possible, I mean while I was trying to open that door I heard this voice that said “when the light goes red you will find everything about Dragondrift”.

“You heard voices too?” Asks her mom. “That’s it were getting you out of here.” “Come on let’s go” says her mom grabbing her by the arm. Olivia starts walking looking at the door and seeing the same purple glow and hearing the mysterious voice again.


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