As you make your bed, you must lie on it- By Rafia Muniyat

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Mrs. Tom was in a terrible condition. Her long-waited child was about to be miscarried. But somehow, her child was saved. Mr. Tom was a very low paid employee. Yet he managed to save his unborn son by spending lots of money.

This child now behaves very harshly and rudely with their parents. Mike does not respect his parents at all. He rather criticizes their financial condition.
Mr. Tom got him admitted to a very famous and affluent school because of Mike’s stubbornness. Mike’s friends often came to school in luxurious cars, and wore costly dresses during class parties. Mike used to get very jealous of these things. His father could not afford such high-priced stuffs. So instead of supporting his parents he used to shout at them. He used to yell at his parents for the smallest of things, would argue and disrespect them, hurt them, and never understood their situation.

One day Mike told his mother to cook beef for lunch. At the same time, the prices of meat had increased a lot. Mr. Tom’s salary was still due. So he didn’t want to spend money on buying such expensive foods.
When Mike didn’t see beef in his lunch, he began to shout at his mother.
Mike- “Mom, didn’t I tell you to cook beef?”
Mom-“Dear, your father could not manage to buy beef today. I’ll feed you beef another day, I promise.”
Mike- “What kind of parents you guys are? You cannot even manage beef for your son! If I were a father, I’d buy the wealthiest foods for my children.”
Mom- “Why don’t you understand our condition? Your father is doing his best for you.”
Mike- “Firstly, they could not manage beef for me, now they are shouting at me. What kind of parents you gave me, God?’’
These kind of impolite statements their parents got to hear most of the days.

Mike moved out from the house at 19. He started doing part time job besides studies.
There he never received a phone call from his parents, or never called them. Whenever his parents came to meet him, he always made an excuse to drive them away.

8 years passed.
One day Mike’s neighbor called him and informed him of his parents’ accident. They died on their way to meet their son.
At that time, Mike received a very high paid job offer. And he didn’t want to refuse to them at all. So, Mike didn’t even come to their parents’ funeral.

After few years, Mike became successful by getting a very lucrative job. He then got married, and had twin children.
He loved his children unconditionally. He promised to himself to give his children a luxurious life that he didn’t get in his boyhood.
Mike used to stay in his office most of the time. As his children started to grow up, they began to get detached from Mike.
One day, Mike bought toys for both of them. When he tried to hand them the toys, his children- Jessie and Kim threw away the toys and said furiously:
“Dad, you barely take care of us. You don’t even call us to know our status. You never play with us, never take us to school. Our mom does all things. Now, you bought us toys to bribe us! I wish we never had a father like you.”
Mike- “Dear, please don’t say like that. I stay in the office for you guys only. Who do I have except you in the world?”
Jessie- “You have many people except us. You have a lot of friends and colleagues.”
Kim- “When we will grow up, we will also desert you in the same way you do to us.”
Whenever they saw their dad, they both used to say things like these to him and thus they used to be very rude to Mike.

One day Mike was in the terrace when Jessie came to him and said, “Why are you here? Go to your office. You don’t suit here!’’ and ran away.

Mike suddenly remembered those days when he used to misbehave with his parents. Thinking of all these things, he started to weep and said in grief, “I wish I had respected my parents.”

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